The XXth International Conference on Solid Compounds of Transition Elements (SCTE2016) has taken place at the Paraninfo Building of the University of Zaragoza on the 11th till 15th April 2016.

The Conference was opened by the Chancellor of the University of Zaragoza, the President of the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC) and the General Director of Innovation, Research and Universities of the Aragonese Government.

We had 5 Plenary, 5 Invited, 14 Keynote, 87 Oral and 121 Posters presented by 220 participants from 28 countries. The level of the senior speakers was very high. However, the conference was organized to favour the participation of young researchers, at PhD and Postdoc level. Five fee waiving awards were granted to this category of participants. Fourteen books sponsored by Springer were awarded to the best Oral and best Poster presentations by PhD and Postdoc participants. These grants and awards were selected by “ad hoc” committees.

The subjects covered by the Conference included intermetallic compounds, multifunctional materials, strongly correlated electron systems, magnetocaloric and thermoelectric materials, molecular magnets, multiferroics, energy and hydrogen storage materials and new superconductors. In this occasion new subjects were covered because of their technological or scientific relevance to date, such as materials for high frequency applications, disordered materials and topological materials.

We have to thank the speakers and poster defendants of a high scientific level and a very participative mood in all the Oral sessions, coffe breaks and Poster sessions. The international Advisory Board, the Local Organizing Committee, and the different “ad hoc” committees were active before and during the Conference achieving a remarkable organization. We thank the support and sponsorship of Local Institutions like the Aragonese Government, University of Zaragoza, CSIC and Institución Fernando el Católico for helping financially the organization of the Conference. The private sector, represented by eight companies also helped to achieve a lively atmosphere during the coffee breaks. We gather that the Conference was a success.

The next SCTE will take place in Vienna, Austria, organized by Prof. E. Bauer of the Technical University of Vienna and Prof. P. Rogl of the University of Vienna in 2018. We look forward for the future SCTE2018, with new and exciting topics in the field of the solid compounds of transition elements.

Zaragoza, 15th April 2016

Juan Bartolomé (ICMA), Chairman                           Fernando Bartolomé (ICMA), Co-Chairman


Conference photograph SCTE-2016


Solid State Phenomena, Solid Compounds of Transition Elements

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